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“Standpoint is highly cultured and boldly counter-cultural — a rare and irresistible combination”

Charles Moore, Former editor of the Daily Telegraph and The Spectator

“Standpoint is the only stopping-off point for anyone interested in serious analysis of what ails our world, published while the issues are “hot”, and attended to by key decision-makers. Add the invaluable book reviews, and Standpoint is a must-have”

Irwin Stelzer, former US Presidential adviser and Sunday Times columnist

“Standpoint sets a standard of intelligence but bangs no monotonous drum. Its contributors have in common only that they write with clarity, sharpness and a lack of cant.”

Frederic Raphael, Oscar-winning screenwriter

"Standpoint is a superb publication, always intellectually stimulating and insightful in its analysis.”

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks